With just a few clicks, you can import existing customer data from excel documents into AVALA. The excel document should be constructed as follows:

The first row must contain headings such as name, first name, email address etc.
The second and subsequent rows should contain the customer data
The first column must have a heading
Important : The data import stops at the first row in which the first column is empty

So there should not be any empty rows inbetween customers. You can download an example here: EXAMPLE FILE

And another valuable tip:
If, at a later stage, you want to form groups when you create a course, then it will be very helpfull for you to rank your customers using the column "Level". How you make the distinction is entirely up to you - they are free text fields. Within the group formation in AVALA you then have the possibility to filter or sort by that "Level". The latter is done alphabetically. So in case you are using numbers, e.g. from 1-20, then it is best to write "01" instead of "1" for the single-digit numbers. This will make it easier for you afterwards!

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